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Sophophilia Studios┬ástrives to innovate in an ever expanding sea of games. It is no small task but this small company is not scared to take on that challenge. It is striking in its art style, humor, passion, and ideation. The most important aspect is the non traditional background in the gaming world. We strive to evoke emotion in the player, let it be laughter or self reflection. The worlds are visually appealing and complex, but simple to enter. But we would have to say, our most distinct characteristic, is…..well that there is no “we.” The company is made of up one man. A rather dedicated one, at that. Of course the lady in his life has done a thing or two with, marketing and spell checking, lots and lots of spell checking… but let’s not go giving her all the credit.

John Butler

John Butler, the founder and originator, has a background in industrial design and fine arts. With a passion for video games since he was but a youngin’, and his zeal for learning, he has chased down and pounced on his dreams. He is a self taught programmer, website designer, advertiser and music composer.

Sounds like he’s tooting his own horn, but really he is nothing special. Just a guy who wanted to make a game really bad, so he did. He taught himself everything using that crazy doo-hicky, Google. Anyone can do what he did.

We’ll let you hear it straight from him. I went to school for industrial design and works as a Bear Designer at Vermont Teddy Bear. I do face painting and murals to get extra cash, but my real passion is creating worlds. Since I am no deity, I settled into game design. I have loved video games since I was a wee little one. My love for video games has changed reasons over the years. I first loved them for their raw entertainment. But as I pruned into an old coot, I became fascinated with their ability to facilitate artistic expression. I have come to believe that video games are one of the most powerful forms of expression. They are a combination of a painting, book, and movie, with an added fascinating element of interaction.

I am fascinated with learning and strive for knowledge. That was a huge motivation, along with my passion for gaming.

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