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Yin Yang BANG BANG! is a challenging yet simple, two handed game. You play as the dots of a Yin Yang symbol on your quest to get as big as possible! You must absorb same color objects and avoid opposite color objects. The goal is to get as big and last as long as you can! But as you control your character with one hand you can use the other hand to tap any object to change their color. This two handed high accuracy game play is quite unique in the mobile marketplace, as is the inked visual art style. This game will not have any in app purchases (IAP) so that everyone is on a level playing field. So if someone beats your score, no excuses!

Grumpy Monkey


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Grumpy Monkey is a blend of fun and easy game play, with a deep level for the hardcore gamer. It is set in a unique drawn art style and has a strong emphasis on visual beauty. With its diverse and dynamic style and play, I aimed to create a game that appeals to the widest audience, without compromising the overall experience. While simple and short, the story encompasses a variety of levels of thought, ideas and humor.

“Do a trick, you stupid monkey!”, “Sniff your butt!” The poor treatment he received from those disrespectful kids, throwing rocks and banging on the bars of his cage…..wouldn’t you be grumpy too? Day after day, the poor treatment went on. He saw new faces, but all of them treated him the same. Day after day, after day. Until one day presented a sliver of hope for an escape. A rock thrown from the sticky, ice cream covered hand of an ungrateful little brat, popped a hole in a hose nearby. Out of the hose and onto the cage bars, sprayed the most beautiful water he had ever seen. The cage bars began to melt and the monkey grasped a hold of some nearby balloon strings. The balloons lifted him higher and higher, until those little scallywags were the size of ants. On and on he soared through the air, until he slowly lowered down on top of a building, where he decided to take his revenge on the helpless and unsuspecting people below him. What he does not expect to see, is the world reveal a beauty that he never knew existed in his dull and sad reality.

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