• 2nd Art Project for Promoting Yin Yang BANG BANG

    If you want to go straight to the album go here –>http://imgur.com/gallery/p3KWi

    The PewDiePie with all the tools used

    This week I decided to try to target my project on a specific person that I would love to play my game. PewDiePie. He has more influence in the gaming world than any other single person. That in itself is reason to try to get his attention. But I also love the fact that he is a genuine cool person. That does good with his position of fame. Also he is pretty hilarious. It would be so cool to watch him play my game! So I put his face on a pie!

    Last week I did the Body Painting of my Wife, which can be seen here ->http://imgur.com/gallery/rJK7J

    I will be releasing one project a week. Each Monday at 1:00PM EST. I will keep doing this as long as there is enough interest so If you like it and want to see me do other projects please share this!

    To download the game go to these links

    (Android) Google Play Download Link

    (iOS) (Apple) App Store Link


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