GRUMPY MONKEY HAS RELEASED on the Windows 8 store! It costs $1.99 but it has a 24 hour free trial available if you want to test it before purchasing.
    You can do a search for grumpy monkey or follow this link:
    After a long 9 months spent starting at the computer screen, losing all muscle mass and almost requiring a poop sock, John Butler of Moose Knuckle Games has released his first video game.
    In this top-down game, a disgruntled monkey sits atop a building, throwing balloons, bananas, and poop at people, unknowingly adding color to the world. 
    John is hoping to make an enjoyable experience for all with this unique little creation. 
    John realizes that not many people have Windows 8 so Grumpy Monkey will be released on Android and iOS by the beginning of September and will be free and without ads. We will keep you posted on exact release dates. 

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