My Beautiful Journey With Cancer

I am running a GoFundMe Campaign right now. If you want to help me make this game, help me please! Money or spread the word will be fantastic! My next game in the making. The story of my journey I had with cancer. This will hopefully help those directly, or indirectly affected by cancer.

Treadmill Gamer

Treadmill Gamer is me, playing games while running on a treadmill. I live stream this and the audience determines how fast I run!


in Yang BANG BANG is a two handed infinite side scrolling game where you control the dots of a Yin Yang trying to absorb like color shapes, while avoiding not like color shapes. One hand controls your dot, while the other hand taps the oncoming shapes to turn them to the color you want. The goal; to get as big as you can and to last as long as you can. Simple, right? Just wait till you try it!

Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey is a blend of fun and easy game play, with a deep level for the hardcore gamer. It is set in a unique drawn art style and has a strong emphasis on visual beauty.

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